How to Have Astral Projection Vibrations

As astral projection vibrations are said to be sensations that precede an actual astral projection, it is important then that one learns how to produce vibrations that could lead to a true and certified out-of-body experience; and this article is about to spill the beans on this.

Vibrations, according to lots of astral projection researchers, happen when one is about to leave his physical body to visit or join the spiritual realm. It is that buzzing or tingly impression that precedes an actual astral projection. It happens when energy waves pass through the body of a person concentrating on an astral projection. One must also know that vibrations need to occur for an out-of-body experience to happen, for the feeling of weightlessness to ensue. So, one must not panic when such vibrations take place in the body.

The first step to feeling such vibrations is concentration. One needs to put himself in a place where no sounds and other such disturbances could reach him to allow a setting of silence and pure concentration. He then must focus on a point and the point here would be images of him floating in space or strolling in the spiritual realm. If a person’s mind isn’t focused on one thing, it’ll become impossible for him to feel the vibrations that come with astral projection.

The second step is to concoct binaural beats out of one’s memory and to focus one’s hearing on this. One could also play a CD featuring such sounds because a lot has been said about binaural beats being able to alter a person’s brainwaves, relaxing it, focusing it on one thing; so, listening to binaural beats while concentrating is well-recommended.

Other tips on concocting vibrations that should lead to an actual astral projection include being well-informed about the subject matter, practicing tirelessly the mentioned two steps, and exploring one’s self making sure that one knows the limitations and capabilities of one’s body and mind when it comes to possibilities of astral projections.

Remember that the process isn’t going to be easy but just because it’s going to be one tough journey towards a real and certified astral projection does not mean that one is to give up. The astral projection vibrations that one has been hoping for will come in time and of course with much practice; so, before it becomes too late, start practicing now. Good luck then!

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